Data loss for newly created SmartyStreets accounts
Incident Report for SmartyStreets
On the afternoon of September 19, 2017 we became aware of a botched deployment that caused data loss effecting several dozen accounts that had all been created in the previous week. Our priorities immediately shifted to fully understanding the root cause, beginning repairs, and ensuring this won't happen again. We believe we have addressed each concern at this point.

The data loss was confined to logins (username/password) and API keys (auth-id/auth-token and website keys) for users who signed up in the last week. The data was not leaked to any 3rd party--it was simply not persisted to durable storage. We have partially repaired the damage by creating a new login using the same email address provided at sign-up. An email was also sent to those email addresses with the following instructions for fully restoring access to accounts and API keys:

1. Navigate to the login page (, click "Reset Password", and follow the instructions to restore the login. After completing the password reset procedure you will be able to enter the account again.

2. Once logged in you may need to generate new API keys to replace those that were lost. You will then need to update any applications or websites that made use of the old keys such that they now use your newly generated keys. Navigate to the keys page on your account to create regenerate API keys:

To reiterate, this issue only affected accounts and API keys that were created in the last week. If your account has existed longer than that or you have not generated any new API keys then your account was unaffected and no action is required.
Posted Sep 20, 2017 - 19:39 UTC